It all starts with the customer experience

Mortar CX helps leaders in the property sector to maximise project outcomes for both customers and investors, through online workshops and tailored advisory services.

✓ Attract and retain residents 
✓ Build a culture of respect and team alignment
✓ Save money on your buildings and digital assets 

How we work

Helping your team to develop customer-led project strategies that deliver great results

Prioritising the resident

Our workshops take teams through a 360° view of the customer experience, helping to reveal opportunities for product and service innovation. 

Building team alignment

Group exercises challenge teams to work together, share skills and build an inclusive culture, fully embracing the different expertise required in any given project.


Maximising return on investment

Team members will master the tools to create a cohesive development vision that maximises the customer experience and optimises profitability.

Our services

Visioning programs

Our online programs are designed for organisations seeking to create strategic project visions with fully aligned teams. We currently offer a program tailored for the Retirement & Lifestyle Village sector, and are in the process of developing separate courses for professionals in the Aged Care, Education and Student Accommodation industries. These programs provide tools for: - Developing insight into the Customer Experience (CX) - Creating a clear Value Proposition with Unique Selling Points (USP) - Identifying Revenue Streams & Business Models - Creating an Innovation Roadmap - Perfecting the Project: Templates for Planning, Briefing, Procurement and Execution - Developing Built Assets - Developing Brand & Digital Assets - Putting it all together Please contact us to learn more

Brand strategy

When we talk about Brand Strategy, we are actually talking about the relationship between your business' purpose, your business' products and/or services, and the way your business is perceived by your audience. Brand strategy is about much more than developing a visual identity or logo. Good brand strategy considers all aspects of business, from operations, positioning in the marketplace to audience engagement methods. Having a solid brand strategy helps build a strong foundation for not only marketing and sales, but also business operations and future growth planning.

Service, product & digital strategy

Our strategy workshops allow organisations to quickly uncover gaps in their service and product offerings and spot opportunities for innovation. Our consulting services cover a wide range of service studies, such as: Customer user flows Online touchpoints and information delivery Online systems and automations Events and community initiatives Mental health and wellbeing intiatives Building and ammenity upgrades Internet of Things (IOT) and digitisation of building assets

Portfolio planning

Working with you to develop informed strategies for future development portfolios aligned with your target markets. This includes market and asset analysis, forecasting, business case development and masterplan visioning.


We are able to work with you in the early stages of the design of your developments to help clarify the project vision and set a tangible course for the project to progress. We are also able to assist in engaging construction and architecture professionals in early stage feasibility analysis and design planning.

Procurement strategy (branding, marketing & construction)

Assisting your organisation in developing effective briefing and procurement strategies for professionals in branding, marketing, architecture and construction. We are also able to assist in recommending project partners and reviewing tender submissions.


Why work with Mortar CX?

✓ Uncover your organisation’s customer experience journey and key customer touchpoints
✓ Reveal customer pain points and opportunities for innovation
✓ Develop your Value Proposition & Unique Selling Points
✓ Discover techniques for adaptation in today’s changing business & technological environment
✓ Develop methods for receiving staff and resident feedback
✓ Create a new development vision that considers brand, product and marketing
✓ Understand the technical background required to successfully develop and brief construction and marketing professionals to ensure your vision is executed effectively
✓ Foster a culture of collaboration and shared purpose amongst staff

About our team

Mortar CX is managed by Kieran McKernan and Danny Brookes, who together bring over 30 years of combined experience in the fields of business innovation, marketing, architecture and construction.

Their team is committed to providing high-value advisory services to organisations in the early stages of project strategy and design.

Kieran and Danny are passionate about helping organisations adopt a holistic, customer-centric mindset, bringing project teams together to create fantastic outcomes that benefit both customers and investors.

Kieran McKernan

Kieran has worked for several award-winning architecture firms and today runs his own architecture practice, where he works on a broad range of projects across the Retirement Living, Aged Care, Education, Rail and Hotel sectors. Within the Seniors Living sector, Kieran has consulted for organisations including Australian Unity, Japara and Mercy Health.

Danny Brookes

Danny has worked in brand, advertising and innovation management roles in companies across Australia. More recently he has established his own marketing agency focusing on integrated brand, digital and advertising solutions. Danny has worked on projects for major brands including Sony, Woolworths and Crown Group, to smaller SMEs and NFP organisations, across sectors including Property, FMCG, Manufacturing, Design, Retail and Hospitality.

Recent articles


“I loved working with Danny…. He was collaborative and had a very flexible approach whilst also offering bold and striking ideas”
– Dan Clarke
Melbourne Arts Centre

“[Kieran] has a great eye for quality and a knack for creative solutions to complex problems... His knowledge and experience in architectural design helped inform and improve our planning and design decisions. ”
– Joseph Aronson
MMS Consultants

“I really enjoyed working with Danny… We had a dynamic team and pulled off some great campaigns. I would definitely recommend Danny for his ongoing positive attitude, supportive nature and drive to succeed”
– Shruti Margassery

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